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Headset Abuse

Apr 27, 2011

Headset Abuse 27/04/11

This week we seek out freaking ninja bears as we talk Portal 2 and get crazy excited about Mortal Kombat. We also talk Thor, Nintendo's financials and wonder what the hell is up with PSN. Plus say hello to 'intern Ally'!

Cast: Mark Gibson, Intern Ally Hay & Dave...

Apr 20, 2011

Headset Abuse 20/04/11

We celebrate our 50th podcast this week with Jackie Chan, epic brunches and what Sean thinks about at work.  We also talk about Portal 2, The Gears 3 beta, the death of the PSPGo and how much we love the SOCOM fanbase.  Now you're thinking with portals, you racist!

Cast: Mark Gibson, Sean...

Apr 13, 2011

Headset Abuse 13/04/11

With a lack of big releases we spend some time talking about games from the past as well as talking about stuff still to come including; Street Fighter X Tekken, Dragons Dogma & Asura's Wrath.  We also pitch a facebook organ farming simulator while wondering what the hell happened to the charts. ...

Apr 6, 2011

Headset Abuse 06/04/11

Sean stops by by this week to talk Crysis 2, Motorstorm: Apocalypse and being banned from Xbox Live.  Mark and Darren get drawn back into PSO and we also discuss Mass Effect 2: Arrival, iPhone games, Wrestlemania and a whole bunch more!

Cast: Mark Gibson, Sean McCarter, Darren Fotheringham & Dave...