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Headset Abuse

Sep 28, 2015

A quiet week turns into a long podcast. So long that Mark almost falls asleep, Darren digs deep into Destiny, and Ally has more daughters than he can name.

Intro - Jim Noir - My Patch

Outro - Tymono - Melange

Sep 23, 2015

Ally finds time away from Metal Gear Solid V and Darren takes a break from moving country to talk about the new Destiny, Patrick Stewart, and our dystopian future.

Intro: Jim Noir - My Patch

Outro: Luigi Talluto - Elektrobeat

Sep 12, 2015

After a mysterious week off we return to talk about fultoning everyone in sight, missed event loot and try to remember what Destiny is or isn't. If only we had some Red Bull!

Intro: Jim Noir - My Patch