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Headset Abuse

Oct 24, 2015

Ally's fallen deep into the Destiny hole, Mark has been streaming his anguish and Darren is STILL moving as we ask whether Konami is or isn't pulling a giant prank and what is or isn't a country.


Intro: Jim Noir - My Patch

Outro: Hörten - HALO 5...

Oct 17, 2015

Darren is still trying to move country, Ally is trying to remember what day it is, and Mark is trying not to fall asleep this week as we talk about Destiny, micro transactions and demolition.

Intro: Jim Noir - My Patch

Outro: Lionel Ritchie - You Are My Destiny

Oct 10, 2015

Ally has gone AWOL, so it's down to Mark & Darren to keep this train a-running. This week we talk Star Wars Battlefrontin', Sunset Overdrivin' and Destiny...'n. Also, Cat invasion.

Cast: Mark Gibson & Darren Fotheringham

OP: Jim Noir - My Patch

ED: Canteena Band - John Williams

Oct 3, 2015

October hits full force as we argue about Destiny, Mark takes on Dark Souls and we lament the state of things with Tony Hawks 5. We also talk Kickstarter, pre-order culture and if a Mass Effect ride could feature time travel!

Cast: Ally Hay, Mark Gibson & Darren Fotheringham

OP: Jim Noir - My Patch

ED: The Bronx -...